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 Please Be advised of the new
Fan Energy Rating or (FER)
The Department of Energy’s or (DoE) Fan Energy Rating (FER) regulation will take effect on July 3, 2019 for all residential furnaces. FER was approved by DoE in 2014 and is the first national efficiency standard for furnace blower fans. FER specifies a maximum fan energy rating, which varies based on the heating stages of a furnace and the motor watt consumption at various airflow operating points for heating, cooling and continuous fan. This new standard will require a 46% watt reduction over a typical permanent split capacitor (PSC) motor furnace. Due to this reduction in watt consumption of furnaces, the Standard PSC furnaces will become obsolete as of July 3, 2019 and discrete tapped electronically commutated motor or (ECM) motor furnaces will be the new product. The July 3, 2019 effectivity date is based on date of manufacture and there is no restriction on when the furnace may be installed.
For more details on the FER regulations see the link below:

Please Be advised of the New 2018 DOE Efficiencies

Beginning January 1, 2018, the performance measurement metric for 6 – 25 ton packaged units is being changed from EER to IEER (Integrated Energy Efficiency Ratio). This change is expected to improve the energy efficiency of rooftop equipment by about 10%. Required minimum IEER are noted in the table below. Updated IEER Ratings for Equipment Manufactured On/After January 1, 2018

To meet the 2018 DOE Minimum Efficiency Requirements for commercial equipment, all Tempstar RGS, RAS and RHS rooftops and select RGH and RAH rooftop units will be offered with two-speed as standard. Any units manufactured BEFORE January, 1, 2018, can be sold and installed anytime in 2018 and beyond. Any units manufactured AFTER December 31, 2017 must be DOE compliant.

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